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Latest Happenings:

Back in the groove:  After almost a year,  Josh has been racing our 360 again this year for about 3 weeks.  The engine sustained a significant failure two weekends ago and is in the engine shop for repairs.  We are hoping to be back on the track this weekend (7-27-13) to prepare for the Knoxville 360 Nationals.

Family legacy continues:  We are proud to announce that our son, Kade, has become an excellent sprint car driver!  After only 2 complete races and a couple of practice sessions at different tracks, we are thoroughly impressed with the ability of this kid!  Kade is only 14 and has raced competitively with the veterans, swapping positions and maintaining great car control.  Unfortunately, he is too young to compete at Knoxville this year.   He is definitely a chip off the old block!  Watch for updates on where you can see him race.

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